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1920 Tyler Street
Hollywood, FL 33020

I stumbled upon this restaurant after the Artwalk tour. I am so glad I did....READ MORE
- Judy S.
I stumbled upon this restaurant after the Artwalk tour. I am so glad I did. It's a small, friendly, casual spot with plenty atmosphere and good street food. The lemonade was good. It had a good flavor. I enjoyed it. It was very refreshing. They had some samples for us after the tour. That was so nice. They all where delicious. I liked them so much I came back the next day lol

For starters we had the mac&cheese bites. They where really cheese good. Coated with a good crunchy batter. They tasted good. The mulligatawny soup. That was diferent good. I had never had anything like this before. It was think. Full of interesting flavors. The kind of food that leaves you guessing and wondering in a good way. My tongue just kept picking up spices that my brain was to slow to recognize. It was really good.

The pork stuffed mushrooms and reason I came back lol are my favorite thing. This little things are real good. A must try in my opinion. I had the stake with portobello mushrooms . It came with a side. I chosed Jasmin rice. The stake came in a skewer. It tasted great. It was nicely seasoned and very tender. The mushrooms good as well. You chose a sauce. Chimichurry sauce was advised so I picked it and it was good. The rice was delicious too.

If you like spicy things. You can spice it up. They put hot spices to the sauces. If you ask for it. The French fries here are really good. I got try them from a friend. They are seasoned fries. They are also well fried with a good crunch.

We chosed the sampler for dessert. It's basically all the desserts with fresh homemade whipped cream. I liked all of them. I can't pick which one was better. They all where different and good.

I had a great time here. The service is very friendly and the food yummy.
- Judy S.