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1920 Tyler Street
Hollywood, FL 33020

This is a unique place with good food! The owner and his girlfriend are very...READ MORE
- Gnyapti Majmudar
This is a unique place with good food! The owner and his girlfriend are very welcoming. The food was delicious and the sauces are quite unique. Our favorite was the mango barbecue sauce which went well with the Mac and cheese balls. The art is gorgeous too! Made for a memorable experience during our visit.
- Gnyapti Majmudar


My name is Edie Polly Kobrin, I was born in New York and currently reside in Cooper City.

I'm sure that many new artists have emerged as a result of the pandemic, and I am no exception to that. With the encouragement of my children, and a surprise package arriving at my doorstep containing an easel, canvas and paints, coupled with a note saying, "Paint trolls mama, paint!" my painting journey began. My children and the world around me served as my inspiration, reflecting the many feelings and emotions I experienced during this period of time, be it fear, confusion, helplessness, loneliness, triumph and gratitude! As I painted, I began to feel a sense of solace. This has now become a newfound passion which arose within my soul each time I put my paintbrush to the canvas. My paintings have been evolving through this tumultuous period and are a true expression of what I feel and who I am as a person and as an artist. With the vibrant colors and emotional expressions, it is my hope that you will connect with my artwork either for my color palette choices themselves or connect emotionally and spiritually.

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