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1920 Tyler Street
Hollywood, FL 33020

I wanted to treat my father to lunch, but I wanted something different from the...READ MORE
- Fernando Orrego
I wanted to treat my father to lunch, but I wanted something different from the places I usually take him. After a little Googling, I found this place. The atmosphere was very lively and modern. They have art everywhere on the walls and tables. Best of all is their menu. The food is very tasty, fresh and healthy. My father loved the food and the experience. Success! Thank you Drastix (and Google 😉)
- Fernando Orrego


"I find so much peace in creating art. There are so many perspectives in life and of life and I enjoy being able to create my own perspective for others to enjoy. In art, there's no right or wrong, it's all about the eye of the spectator (and therefore the perspective). My designs are inspired by emotions as it is so interesting to hear the different emotions evoked from different people regarding the same piece."
Gabrielle "Real" Mckoy was born in the beautiful Island Paradise of Jamaica and has always been a creative person from birth. Her creativity was noticed by her teacher at a very young age. With her exceptional penmanship she was always chosen to write on the chalkboards. In 1993, as a teenager Gabrielle migrated to the United States and currently resides in Florida. While attending high school she excelled in her art and sciences classes. In her later years Gabrielle pursued a career in the health field, but was often distracted by her natural love for art. She finally gave in to her talent and began painting abstract Murals as a form of creative freedom from the usual constraints of life. Gabrielle's work usually consists of strong colors and a hint of her Caribbean culture. Her artwork can be found in local restaurants, boutiques, schools and was recently featured in an exhibit in the West Regional branch of the Broward County Library. Gabrielle also started her own company, became a loctician, manufactured her own natural products and hosts her own talk show on the worldwide web.
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