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1920 Tyler Street
Hollywood, FL 33020

Cool neighborhood spot for a quick bite. Mixture of food that's sure to tantalize your...READ MORE
- W L
Cool neighborhood spot for a quick bite. Mixture of food that's sure to tantalize your tastebuds. And don't miss out on the desserts! I went there hungry and it definitely hit the spot! Friendly services. Chill atmosphere with mixed modern art that rotates monthly along with island tunes playing in the background. Located in downtown Hollywood just 1 block North of Hollywood Blvd. on a one way street heading west. Street parking or garage a block away. Looking forward to the next visit at Drastix! 😀👍🏻
- W L


"I love repurposing things to give them a new life and create beautiful art!"
I am a Cuban born and Florida raised, self taught mixed media and mosaic artist. I feel that my art is energy in (E)motion expressed through various forms.

I have always been passionate about the arts and creating. From elementary through high school I always excelled with both art and music. In the fifth grade I was accepted to a magnet school for the arts. I was very good at drawing and back then I spent a lot of my time mostly sketching comic book superheroes and writing some poetry. I was also a major band geek and a member of the middle school Concert, Symphonic and Jazz Band. I played the Oboe, Alto Sax and Clarinet. Later in life I eventually took up painting with acrylics and also found another love when I started working with mosaics. Musically, now I play guitar and still continue to write some poetry and song-write. Whether it's a new painting, a mosaic piece or a song, for me the creative arts allow me the space to express myself authentically, freely without boundaries, using color and sometimes melodies!

I mainly paint with acrylics and work with glass making mosaics. I appreciate texture and love using bold and vibrant colors. I’m aesthetically drawn to clean and sharp lines and designs with geometric shapes. I use any and all mediums available to me. Sometimes I incorporate materials like mirrors, gold leaf, paper and various other mediums or recycled objects with my paintings. I love repurposing things to give them a new life and create beautiful art! I’ve always been a dreamer and can appreciate the beauty in the most ordinary things. When it comes to creating and painting most of the time it happens intuitively and spontaneously. Other times I may get a vision or have a dream of something that inspires me to paint it but once I begin I allow myself the freedom to create through feeling. Same process goes for my songwriting, the lyrics and melody always come very naturally to me. I would say my artwork and music both reflect some of my own journey through self-discovery and spirituality, mostly creating and writing by personal life experience.

My work was recently featured at the Wilton Collective Art Gallery in Fort Lauderdale. I’m excited to continue creating art that is vibrantly expressive and speaks to the viewer through energetic resonance!

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