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1920 Tyler Street
Hollywood, FL 33020

This place Drastix really knocked my socks off with their Chicken and Shrimp Rice Bowl....READ MORE
- Corey S.
This place Drastix really knocked my socks off with their Chicken and Shrimp Rice Bowl. It's like they hijacked my taste buds and took 'em on a one-way trip to Flavor Town.

The chicken was just plain juicy, like it had been doing squats in the gym all its life, while the shrimp were grinning at me from the grill, all sweet and succulent. And the rice, my goodness, it was so fragrant, I was half-expecting a love letter to waft out from the bowl.

The way they played around with spices, it was like a symphony conductor in full flow, expertly hitting all the right notes. It was hot, sweet, savory - pretty much everything but the kitchen sink.
- Corey S.


"On your adventure always take a piece with you."
Always with the camera ready, his objective and his creativity have no limits.

Shameless and anonymous, he gives us his work to the delight of all those who love color and light, details and passion. Because that is his reason for being: his passion.


We believe in art, and Arte Domain offers its services as an artist’s gallery. Putting the selected artist’s artwork at your reach.

There are many disputes about whether the artist is born or made. We are one of those who believe that everyone has an artist inside them. Everyone is born with the seed of art within them. You just have to water it, put love in it, bring it to the light and ventilate it so that it grows and becomes big and beautiful.

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