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Fun environment. The artsy flare is a very nice touch. The food is fresh and...READ MORE
- Vicki L.
Fun environment. The artsy flare is a very nice touch. The food is fresh and flavorful.
- Vicki L.


Wendell Pierre was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Living in the Central Dade area, he was surrounded by many talents. As a child at home, he had a creative Uncle “Wilbert Laurent” who would make colorful kites out of palm tree leaves and bright colored tissue papers to draw signs with stylish letters. It was harmony and structure to Pierre as he admired how his Uncle took his time to perfect his craft and integrate meaning and life into his creative designs. This encouraged Pierre to be creative!

The family’s Landlord “Mr. Envo” was an amazing carpenter from Argentina who listened to soft foreign music and paint landscapes and images of people on canvas. Pierre, being around the age of 4, was stunned by the combination of colors used to make images come to life. “Mr. Enzo” being very crafty showed Pierre throughout the years how to make inexpensive art pieces that he would gift to friends and family around the holidays. The purpose of giving and seeing the excitement on many faces drove Pierre to continuously create more art.

Pierre loves expressing his art with bold and vivid colors with the combination of black lines to form contrast between one another. This inspired Pierre to create more of the abstract Pop Art styles. To Pierre, simple and happy is beautiful! He chose an abstract approach to distinguish him from every other artist he grew up with. With a passion and love for Pierre became fond of drawing flowers such as orchids, wildlife, and fishes. He spent many years growing his experience as a Pop Style artist, which led him to create a world within his imagination that can be shared with the Universe. Pierre discovered he was not alone. Pierre appreciates that many people mind races with ideas. He’s ambitious to help others and feed his soul with even more inspiration.

In 1998-1999, he came up with the saying “Made In Dade”. The sole purpose was to represent his “Home” Miami- Dade County. Then in 2000-2001 it expanded even more “Official Made In Dade Productions” that catered to all and everyone with the love they grew for Miami. “The barcode” to Trademark the Logo, had so much meaning! “Either you were born here or became who you are here” Up until then he had never seen or heard no one actually use the saying in design form “Made in” unless it was on a label in clothes or packaging. Pierre describes this as a Movement that inspired many talents to emerge, as it revealed meaning, created value, and connections through art. Even though it was originally a “Miami thing” it brought a diversity of people together from all over to move in the same sequence with positive vibes. This to Pierre was art itself! Watching old Over Town buildings turn into an extended Wynwood place of canvases brought a whole new meaning to Pierre to get back in deeper and express his abstract Pop Art style. “A unity unbreakable. A loyalty in our hearts built like iron; art represented community and togetherness in his city!” Pierre has an array of talent with design: specializing in custom clothing, cars, bikes, boats, planes, murals- basically anything but water was painted and branded. His works can be found across the Sunshine State and near you.

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